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Deep Clean - Truck mounted Carpet Cleaning service

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service from a long-established owner operated local firm. Based in Bedfordshire we operate throughout Herts, Beds and Bucks. We are happy to give you a free estimate. We are experienced at cleaning in the home and in the workplace.

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info_outline About Deep Clean

When you invite Deep-Clean into your establishment to maintain your carpets and upholstery, you're taking that all important step toward the high-quality professional care you need for your furnishings; what you also get with Deep-Clean is the friendliest of service, a wealth of carpet care knowledge at your disposal and concern for the service provided.

Deep-Clean have been cleaning carpets and upholstery in the area for many years and we are as busy now as we have always been and that's not by chance. We're in demand by homes and businesses because we're thorough, reliable and we're known for our quality of service. Previous customers ask us back and new customers come to us on recommendation.

There really is no better proof of our service; so, whether it's a single room or a complete office suite, why not contact us today and experience our service. Don't just get your furnishings clean, get them Deep Clean.

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Regular Cleaning

None of us would dream of wearing the same clothes day in and day out without washing them. In much the same way the carpets and upholstery in our house need cleaning from time to time. This regular cleaning not only ensures that they remain hygienic and looking their best, but also helps remove the build-up of abrasive grit and soil which would otherwise damage your furnishings and shorten their lifespan. A periodic clean is much cheaper than a replacement and less upheaval, so you could consider cleaning to be an investment, only one that you can enjoy the results of every day.


The Right Choice

As with so many things there is more than one way to clean a carpet and the choice of methods is likely to depend on a variety of factors including carpet composition, the condition and age of the carpet and of course the extent of soiling or staining. You can be sure that Deep-Clean will make the appropriate choice for you using a quick drying system with totally safe no residue chemicals and that the best possible result will be achieved.



At Deep-Clean we care about getting it right and doing the job well, therefore we use "Micro splitting" chemicals. Micro splitting solutions operate in a different way to conventional chemicals. They work by green chemicals for carpet cleaning from Deep Clean firstly breaking the bond between the soil and the fabric and then continuing to break down the soil particles. Micro splitters contain none of the detergents or soaps that are known for leaving a sticky residue in the fabric, as it is these which attract dirt more quickly after cleaning. They dry chemically neutral and leave nothing in the fabric to promote re-soiling.

All this means is your carpets and upholstery will remain cleaner for longer, saving you money. And don't forget, these solutions contain no unpleasant odours or chemicals and are quite safe for children and pets. Peace of mind for you.
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You can see here some of the before and after shots of carpets we've cleaned recently. Using our Eco-Friendly cleaning products with Micro splitting chemicals, we are usually able to get a superb result without leaving any sticky residue in the carpet thereby preventing the carpet attracting dirt in the future.

But remember, it's always best to get carpets cleaned regularly and not to wait until they are too dirty. The longer dirt remains on the carpet, the more entrenched it will become making it difficult to get an exceptional cleaning result

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